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Dear Tutors,

In EdSolution Agency Pte Ltd, we have a commitment to parents that we provide quality tutors for them that could ensure that their child, placed under your care, could perform well in school. It is with this trust in our brand name that parents placed their children with us that makes us very successful in providing tutors with high number of students.

On your part, by signing up with EdSolution Agency Pte Ltd, you, as tutors are representing our brand name and therefore are equally committed to ensure quality in coaching our students.

In EdSolution Agency, we have strategic partners that are able to provide guidance and periodic courses to ensure that your teaching skills are of top quality. However, you can consider such courses later once you are able to secure some assignments from Edsolution.

As a start, you may wish to ask yourself how you can guarantee that a child under your charge can learn and achieve mastery in the subjects that are taught by you. You may wish to review your teaching techniques periodically, think through how you can motivate the child to learn to enjoy the subject and manage the child"s behavior so that they are willing to do homework given to them.

In addition, let"s not forget about parents. Afterall, they are your paymasters and it is your job to ensure that you are meeting their needs. Be aware that parents are facing lots of stress when their child does not perform. Do consider how you could communicate with them, explain your strategy and approach you intend to take for their child and show them progress of their child periodically.

It is through your well thought out and executed process that trust can be established and you can sustain your assignments with the parents.

Every Month, EdSolution Agency have about 600 enquiries looking for tutors. We guaranteed you assignments in 48 hours once you had submitted your resume.

Upload only pdf/doc format.

Hope this is helpful to you.

Best regards
Bryan Ong
Edsolution Agency Pte Ltd
Associate Director

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